smrender – A Rule-based Renderer for OSM Data

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This is the official home page of Smrender.
Smrender is a powerful, flexible, and modular rule-based rendering engine for OSM data. It is mainly intended to create paper charts for print-out but it can be used for tile creation and other tasks as well. Because of its very generic and modular software design it is perfectly suitable for complex OSM data processing and manipulation tasks such as filtering, modification, and statistical analysis.

You can find some charts here: /download/smrender/charts/. The most accurate charts are the yellow map style charts of Croatia (updated on 29th of April 2015), which are based on the official sheet lines: download/smrender/charts/croatia/yellow_map/PDF/.
You can find some other examples here: /download/smrender/samples/.

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The latest snapshots of version 4.0 of Smrender are are found in the current/ directory.

Older versions of Smrender have been moved to the archive/ directory.



The latest documentation for version 4.0 is found here as HTML page or here as PDF document.

The documentation for version 3.0 is found here as HTML page or here as PDF document.

The old documentation for version r1240 and before are found here (PDF) and here (HTML).

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Smrender seems not to work in non-memory-mapped mode. As a workaround, simply just always use the option -M.


Smrender is developed and maintained by Bernhard R. Fischer, 2048R/5C5FFD47 <>.
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Smrender is released under GNU GPLv3.

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